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lucormetica nymphs


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i keep a few species of cockroach newest ones are Lucihormetica , i welcome tips on keeping these, i also have turkistan roaches, lesser deathshead, lobster roaches,surinamensis,burrowing, giant hissers,guyana spotted, :blink::rolleyes::wub::D

Hi Teresa,

Welcome to the Allpet Roaches Forum! Lucihormetica subcincta are a beautiful species from the New World that are pretty hardy overall. Females can live four years and still produce young in their old age. They like dog food and apple very much but don't eat a lot unless the culture is large. The only drawback to the species is the development time is slow - it can take two years from newborn nymphs to first birth. Oddly, although they are related to nonclimbing species like Blaberus, Eublaberus, Blaptica, etc. these can climb smooth surfaces.

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Welcome! Lucihormetica are still really rare here in the US but I too have some subadults.... looking forward to working with them also. This board is putting alot of knowledgeable roach people together- It'll be a great resource.

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