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Macropanesthia rhinoceros problem?


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Hi guys,

I am hoping you can help me out. One of my Macropanesthia rhinoceros, which I have had for months now, has started rolling itself on to its back and I am not sure why, I have seen others mentioning this might be to do with shedding? Does anyone out there know for sure?



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I read this "Macropanesthia rhinoceros is named

for the blunt, horn-like processes projecting from the surface

of the pronotum in males (Froggatt, 1906). Individuals

of M. rhinoceros are most often observed above

ground when they have “fallen on to their backs and are

unable to right themselves” (Day, 1950). It is unknown if

these are all males, and the result of nocturnal battles. The

allometry of male combat weaponry has not been examined

in cockroaches." (page 3 of Cockroaches-Ecology, Behavior, and Natural History, underlining added)

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