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M. rhinoceros


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Pretty new with roaches but I sure am enjoying it. Started out with some dubia a year or so ago as feeders for our bearded dragons. Just got a couple M. rhinoceros in today from DoubleD. They are unlike any other roach I have- they don't stick to me. I just wanted to post a couple pictures of the underside. They are not the best photos but the little things wouldn't stop moving!

It's sort of nerve-wrecking to spend so much on a couple creatures that don't seem to be well known as far as husbandry, but I feel more in control than I do sometimes with my saltwater set up. Sometimes coral will just die off and it's really frustrating. I'm starting to get more interest in insects. Would love to try some giant millipedes or large katydids in the future. Lots of fun to have here for sure!

My guess: the first is a female and the second a male.



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Hey Mac! I've read your journal, good stuff.

We went to the local zoo last week and saw some Blaberus giganteus. The called me over in a panic to make sure I did not miss them. They really are supportive to a degree (as long as they don't have to touch or take care of them). Boy I was surprised to see how big the giganteus are as adults. Huge!

I've gotten these guys to eat banana, butternut squash, and fish food so far. I'm keeping them in about a half inch of oven baked organic potting soil with an inch of oven baked dead oak leaves with some small twigs and bark. One of them had been nibbled on when freshly molted before I got it and I am just glad that it is doing good so far. I accidentally dropped the other one on hardwood floor when I first picked it up because I was expecting it to be sticky like my other roaches. It ran right off my hand and my heart stopped! Glad that one is doing good too!

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