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White Eyed American Cockroach - pic heavy


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Ghost in the fog... a spooky white-eyed American cockroach after molting.





...A little later...




A nymph:


And some feeding (this image was when I kept both black eyed and white eyed p. americana in the garage. Sometimes nymphs of the black eyed variety would sneak in, and I didn't want them cross-breeding, so I don't keep them anymore.):


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Definitely an entry for next year's calendar photo contest! Awesome!

Wow, really? Thank you! I wish I had something better than a digital cam to work with, but I try :)

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If they cross bred do you think they would have in between colored eyes? Has anyone bred American roaches with different colored wings, I've seen German roaches that were pure black or redfish so why not American roaches?

I have color morphs of the regular eyed P. americana, they are the same coloration as P. brunnea. (which I have as well but only procured after this colony of oddball americana)I don't have any as dark as P. fuliginosa though, sadly. My white eyed colony is pretty consistent in color though, they are all that light brown/red color. Meh.

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