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Survey of Blattodea species from select habitats in Sorrento, Florida

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sounds like a fun trip, did you bring anything back with you? if not i hope you got some good pictures :D

I brought back one surinam, both adult female nivea we found, 7 or so E. floridana, 4 Parcoblatta, 20 termites (all of which died unfortunately), 1 Strategus grub, several chafer grubs, 3 blind and 1 eyed click beetles, 20 or so Zorotypus sp., 7 or so crickets, 5 wheelbug nymphs, 10 B. asahinai, and a partridge in a pear tree. :P

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Good eye with the planchora being larger. I have seen one here in Dade County and I did not belive it was P. nivea.

You saw sand habitat and its great habitat for many native species. don't you love how E. floridiana have there antennas sticking out like lobsters?? hahaha

South florida is great....but South Texas is another thing..mmmmmmmm

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That was fun to read. Was the surveying/etc your main reason for going to Florida or was it more of a sidequest?

You got some Zorotypus! That's new. Also lol 1 surinam. :P

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