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White Panchlora sp. ???


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I don't know if anyone remembers but about 8-12 months ago, DigbyRiby offered a new Panchlora sp. on petbugs.com for sale. They were susposed to be all white (unlike the two green Panchlora sp. in the US hobby)..... They were pretty spendy (I believe like $300-$400 for the group).... They obviously sold.... I was tempted but didn't have the money at the time... Since Panchlora sp. breed so easily, I was hoping that whoever bought them would be offering them for sale soon (more than enough time to get the colony established)... Anyone remember them?


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I remember that. I've never seen anyone else selling them. I wonder where they were from. I would like to see some pics of those.

Hopefully they'll pop up again for sale soon or the orig. colony will get established and they'll be offered. They sounded really cool. probably just need to contact DigbyRiby to see if they can broker another deal for a smaller group (20-30 individuals)...

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Unfortunately, 'Digby Rigby' does not usually have for sale the species he runs ads for. Typically he runs ads for eye-catching speciemens and then tries to sell you something else he "just happens to have". Example: he not too long ago posted an ad for a *50* lot of Megaloblatta longipinnis. He and I went around on this. I offered 5k and he said an hour before I called someone paid closer to 20k, but by the way there was a 20 lot of Jungle Nymphs he could sell to me cheap as a consolation. I doubt someone in the state paid that much for Megaloblatta's, but who knows. The domestic roach community is not *that* big, whomever made the purchase would have likely made themselves known. Maybe I am just skeptical. But if we look further back he also had a 15 pair of Macropanesthia for $1300 I think (could be mis-quoting) that were also sold when I called; within minutes of him posting his ad. Same story with the Giant Black Springtails. Then he calls for weeks telemarketing me.

Just my input. Only worth what you paid for it!


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It would be a different species of Panchlora.

There are more than 35 species in that genus and some may be a very pale green. I'm pretty sure there are no online photos of a white Panchlora and I've never seen a photograph or live specimen (though it would be easy to manufacture a photgraph). Matt may well be right that it's just a "bait and switch" and there is no such thing, at least that anyone's kept so far. The only other person offering Megaloblatta online proved later to be a scammer (received money from a number of 'customers' and never sent anything). The white Panchlora may well be a legend based on the fact that dead specimens eventually turn nearly white.

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