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my dad said that if i had the right things to breed roaches then i could :D only problem is i have no idea what to do :excl: should i heat the cage with a normal lamp or a special one? should i use just egg containers or substrate too? can nyphs climb walls? is there anything i should know that is really important?

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Referring to what J&J said there are many species of roaches and you need to know which ones you are going to get for example some roaches dont need all that much heat or humidity most do from wha ti heard but it all really depends on the species some nymps cant climb like the nymphs of domino roaches while others like hisser nymphs can. so really it would depend and well then once decided im sure you can find the much needed information on this forum from other peoples posts.

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What your dad said is very true - but could be pretty much applied to any animal. :lol:

Since you have 'Princia' vanwaerebecki, as J&J said, the husbandry is the same with all hissers. Breeding hissers is effortless. Heating the cage is fine, but they can breed at room temperature, provided that you don't live in a log cabin in Alaska. I can't give suggestions on heat lamps if you're dead set on getting one, because i don't use any. I don't freak out over my humidity levels, but i occasionally pour water into the substrate. I've heard that small nymphs need some humidity to survive, but you should look that up. Most suggest keeping humidity levels up, but you don't need to worry too much if your enclosure is not bone-dry.

The guy i got my hissers from swears by substrate-less enclosures and egg cartons. I use substrate and egg cartons in my closures, but substrate is optional for hissers. They might like it more, but it depends on your preferences (cleaning and maintainability, aesthetics, humidity, etc). Egg cartons are a must based on your enclosure size.You don't want an over-crowded enclosure, but if you're starting out with a few hissers and your enclosure is generally flat and more than a gallon you should be fine without egg cartons.

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