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Very weird dubia, genetic freak?


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One long wing, one short wing. The short wing is not chewed, it kind of curls under, and I dont see any under wing, it even is angled where the left wing is straight. Look at the cerci, they are even 2 different sizes. Freak male or hermaphrodite?



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It doesn't look like a gyandromorph because there's no clear division, the short wing doesn't look female, and the long cerci is on the wrong side. The hisser gyandromorph is from the Allpet Roaches site.

Ok, just had to make sure. Did that Hisser reproduce or was it sterile?

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Wow, that's strange. I've never had any roaches get chewed while they were molting but I have noticed that some of the older males get their wings chewed, not badly though. If it is half male and half female, can it mate?

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