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Howdy from Colorado


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First of all I'm a "Gender: Female" . . .must have messed that up when I signed on! Not sure how to create or edit a profile as it all appears to be in "code" for now. Once I can get in there, I'll get updated.

Just starting out with a tiny colony of Thera olegrandjeani nymphs. I had some Cave Roaches about 15 years ago - but they didn't breed and I didn't keep up with the hobby after they passed. Would love to meet other Colorado folks with roaches :)

I recently stumbled upon bugsincyberspace & roachcrossing on the web and have fallen in love with a ton of different species! I'm currently on the hunt for another one or two species. . .

I just raked up the backyard of a neighbor who has the only oak tree for blocks. I introduced myself the night before and explained I needed their leaves for my roaches. He was somewhat familiar with the pet roach thing and we talked roaches for a few minutes. There was a little boy playing in the back yard so I said, "Once I get all set up - You, your wife and your kid can come over and see them."

"That's not our cockroach," he said . . . "Er! I mean my wife is babysitting! We don't have any children!"

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Hi Orin,

Thanks for fixing my gender mishap!

I have gotten some more roaches - so now I have Therea olegrandjeani, Gromphadorhina grandidieri and Lucihormetica verrucosa.

From the information in your book I was able to zero in on these three for their longevity and difficutly in breeding. I want them to live a really long time and not have too many kids. HA!!

They are all nymphs for now - so we have a ways to go before babies start arriving.

The Therea are the cutest little nymphs in the world. I just love their little fuzzy selves. The Hissers are already used to me and let me stroke their backs. Plus I had a successful molt the other day - very exciting for a newbie! The Glowspots rock. They are so beautiful - black with red blobs and red heads. I love their perky short antennae. One of them likes to get up on the log in their tank and keep a lookout for intruders.

Of course I don't sleep much anymore. . .I spend a lot of time in the kitchen with my red headlamp on & visiting all of the tanks.

The Butterfly Pavillion in Westminster has a huge display filled with Periplaneta americana. I'm looking forward to getting up there soon to visit with the entomologists and learning more about my favorite critters!

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