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some NICE roach shots i took!!


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adult female blaberus fusca




adult female panchlorea nivea




enjoy :)

I did not know you had Panchlora nivea! I love them! Did you get these roaches from roachcrossing? And that Blaberus fusca has that marking on his head that the Death Head Roaches have. Does that mean that Blaberus fusca is a hybrid of Blaberus craniifer?
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The one at the top from Malasyia is absolutely gorgeous!! I liked the green ones also, what's the name Pancheora Nivea? Close. Hadn't heard specifically of other green species besides the Cuban until now. Cuban are a bright green color kind of like mint ice cream. Blaberus Fusca look a lot like Discoid. Expected, I guess since they're both Blaberus.

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How do you like your rhyparobia sp.? How are they for handling? I have a colony of Henschoutedenia flexivitta (Giant Lobster Roach) but I do not like them. They are terrible for handling and all they do is run away. I am thinking of feeding them to my other arthropods.

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Rhyparobia will run away if you handle them, and they smell terrible. I'm currently breeding two species from that genius, they are definitly not for handeling... But they can be nice to watch, they can become very active in the evening when you got a nice colony ;)

Good to know. What do they smell like? Are these the roaches that smell like cigarettes? I just had my Blaberus boliviensis (Bolivian / Double-Dot Roach) molt out as adults and they are great for handling...very mellow.

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