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preventing infestation?

Bug boy

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So i just got back from a trip and i realize that i've seen some blatta lateralis roaches running around on the floor in my room. (i breed those along with 14 other species of roach.) Anyways, they're all nymphs so i think they snuck out of one of my lids, perhaps, but i do see a couple larger ones, and I'm not too worried about infestation, because my room is very neat and clean so i could find them if they colonized. but what steps should i take, that are most effective, and not harmful to my other roaches, in your opinion?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Glue boards came in handy when I had lats get loose while packing them up last year. Non-toxic, cheap, and easy to get rid of once the problem is gone, but anything that gets stuck is a goner so it is a kill-only option. I would go through a couple of times a day with a pair of hemostats and quickly end anything that had been caught, just so it wasn't a slow death.

You do have to keep any other pets away from them (cutting them off a cat's tail is such a fun experience...), and of course stepping on them is horrible. (I'm kinda clumsy...)

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I've heard that olive oil will loosen the glue if u need to get the boards off of kitty.

I wonder if the olive oil would help loosen the glue around the roaches' legs safely. Just in case my landlord decides to put traps out for my German who've gotten out and I want to rescue them.
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