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I just got an email from usark and one part i though may be of interest.

"USARK is committed to protect the rights of every corner of the hobby including keepers of geckos, crocodilians, large snakes, venomous reptiles, frogs, tarantulas and every herp and invertebrate in between."

the interesting part being that this is the first time, that i know of, anyone willing to legally fight for our right to keep inverts.

the usark guys have been fighting anti-reptile laws and d-bag animal rights groups for a while, they have the money, lawyers and partnerships to actually get things done.

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Thats not likly. There are mostly funded through the reptile industry, so that is there priority. Mostly they fight anti reptile legislation thats groups like peta and ushs try to push through the legal system. These animal right groups believe that it is cruel to have pets of any kind and these groups have a lot of money. So basically we need special interest groups like usark to stand against special interest groups like peta. Red tape and boring government garbage but im glad there are people like usark

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