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List of possible blaberus hybrids

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Can anyone tell me what species of blaberus can hybridize with each other?

In the past I had a male giganteus mate with a female fusca. No offspring resulted but that might have been to me keeping them cool all year and females died so I never tried it again under proper conditions. If they were actually mating then I believe there still might be a chance offspring could result.

Basically how I accomplished this is I put a single mature male giganteus nymph with 4 mature female fusca nymphs, when they matured the male only had fusca around so he could only court them and I witnessed a normal mating. It's ironic to see a larger male mate with a smaller female!

Aren't craniifer and discoids closely related to giganteus, shouldn't it be possible for them to hybridize if you can actually persuade them to mate?

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If they hybridize, then it makes one wonder about the definition of a species. There could possibly be an obliteration (in nature) of many species, should insects or other organisms hybridize all the time. I know that is not the issue here. It is whether you can get an offspring from some of the closely related species. My hope it that the answer is "no". Otherwise it can become a mess.

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I read the article and found this:

The best known and readily available hybrids are Blaberus fuscaXcraniifer, fuscaXperuvianus, and Blaberus discoidalisXboliviensis.

The myth of a Blaberus giganteus hybrid is just that, a myth. The B. giganteus is related to B. craniifer and fusca but cannot produce viable ootheca together and would rarely attempt breeding.

It says the most well known hybrids, but not all Possible hybrids. And just because one person says B giganteus can't hybridize doesn't necessarily mean it can't, plus a reason why its not possible isnt mentioned.

Has anyone ever tried to hybridize certain species just to see if it works or not so information about hybrids is updated?

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Couple of quick questions before I cohabitate some species...

Can Byrsotria spp. hybridize with any Blaberus spp.?

Can Archimandrita spp. hybridize with and Blaberus spp.?

Can Archimandrita spp. hybridize with Byrsotria spp.?

I know better than to put different Blaberus species together, but I was wondering about the other mixes.

Thanks for any insight. I don't want to make a genetic mess, but I think I am safe housing them together, I just wanted to be sure. I know I might have a few difficulties sorting young nymphs, but that is not my concern at the moment

I didn't want to make a whole new thread, so I revived this one.

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