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Gromphadorhina cf. grandidieri "black"

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Thanks for posting this, Nicolas! I have these and I haven't been able to tell who's male and who's female. After seeing your photos - I think it's quite clear! I've been confused because it looks as though my females are gravid - yet I don't see a male in my tank that has the large "horns" that yours has.

I'm going to double-check AGAIN and see what I can find out. I only have five of these buggars - so it shouldn't be too hard to sort them out!

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ArtBug, when the males are immature, the horns are really small, and some adults males show smalls horns as well.

To know the sex, you can look between the roach, the last segment is larger when it's a female. Exemple with Archimandrita tesselata, male on the left, female on the right:


SLE18, I'm quiet sure that this specie needs males and females to get babies ;)

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