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Gnat & mite control?


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To get rid of the gnats, mix dish detergent, and vinegar in a bowl then sit the bowl near the cage. This worked for me. For fruit flies just get a jar and put some fruit in it, then when you see fruit flies on the fruit put the lid on and dump the contents outside. While I do not have a problem with mites, adding a clean up crew would probably help with mites.

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Well, there's a LOT to consider! I love the vinegar/soap idea - however the gnats live inside the tank and rarely get out. I have a cloth cover and then the lid. I love the double-stick tape idea and can use that if any of my other tanks get gnat-ed! The Vaseline barrier I have at the top is catching a few gnats - but not enough to get excited about.

The roaches are super-fast AND climbers (Red heads) - so I'm going to try the vinegar/soap solution during the day (under supervision!) and see if I can't catch a boat-load of gnats that way.

I don't see that the mites are living on the roaches - they're more interested in the fruit I put in there. I think my best case scenario might be to start capturing these guys and move them to a sterile tank.

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