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Thanks you all

I've used dry dog/cat food as well and used a food processor to grind it up so they can chew it. Plus tropical fish flakes have all the nutritional needs for crickets. Since roaches are closely related, I give the flakes to my German.
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Random interjection: last night I was feeding my snakes and ended up with an extra mouse (dead, I might add) and decided to put it in with my hissers. This morning not was gone aside from a few fur clumps and what looks like the skull. Such fascinatingly flexible creatures these are.

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I've noticed that I get mold if I use fish flakes, so I tend to just use dry cat/dog food. The fish flakes work fine though if you don't have a substrate. I'm just waiting for my isopods to get going though and then I can just have them share the enclosure and take care of clean up and mold control. Collembola seem to work well too.

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I have my own formula for my Dubias, the key ingredient is Spirulina (Blue Green Algae) its about 60% protein, Digestible protein,

not all proteins are. since it is a single cell organism its easily metabolize. its can easily be added to your current diet.

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