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Leaves for Roaches


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Thanks for the reply, I will try and find an aspen tree. I think maple is fine for roaches too.

Yes, I would imagine maple will also be fine. I have some unknown broad leaf "hard wood" tree species in my yard. I think there are 5-6 different species. Every fall I harvest large amount of leaves from them. My roaches, millipedes and isopods love to eat them. I have never noticed any ill effects from them consuming these leaves or the wood. I would not feed them coniferous (e.g., pines or junipers) leaves or wood as they contain terpenes.

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I do an oak and maple mix as a staple with my roaches. (There are sometimes some stray nut leaves like walnut, chestnut, and beechnut that I do not bother to pick out.)

Maple leaves I actually consider a must with my two Therea species since the nymphs can go through a handful of them every day. I don't even bother with Oak for them as they won't touch it, but I try to keep them well covered in Maple at all times.

My Giant Caves, Dubias and Peppered are the slowest eaters of leaves and I only have to add a handful every few months, mainly for use as cover. The hissers love leaves, especially Oak, and will go through a gallon per tank every week.

(Every fall I go out and get 4 to 5 giant paper lawn leaf bags at my aunt's non-working farm so I'll have enough stored to make it to the following year. Between the roaches and my hermit crabs there never seems to be enough!)

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