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Gyna caffrorum


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  • 3 months later...

I think I have nymphs!!!!

I tossed a few of these guys into one of my "community" tanks with B. giganteus and some other non-roach species quite some time ago.

After a bit of disappointment over finding one of my 4 remaining G. caffrorum adults deceased this morning...

I checked on the B. giganteus and saw one rogue G. caffrorum running for cover... and a bunch of small, pale roach nymphs scattering too! So, either they were baby B. giganteus (WAY too small for that, I think), something else has self-colonized my tank. or they are baby Gyna! I think that they were fresh Gyna neonates, because of how pale they were, and the fact that they were all still clustered near where the adult Gyna was.

So... it looks like the insurance policy sub colony might actually be the successful part of the colony!

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