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Newbie with Aeluropoda insignis and Elliptorhina javanica

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Hello there. My name is Nick and I'm from Greece (obviously :P).

I'm not exactly new to roach keeping, as I breed two colonies (one Blatta lateralis and one Blaptica dubia) as feeders for my geckos.

Soon however I'll be acquiring two hissing roach species (Aeluropoda insignis and Elliptorhina javanica).

I don't intend in keeping them together, to avoid domination of one species against the other (can they create hybrids?). Of course I won't breed them as feeders for my geckos...

So I have a few questions. First things first, do their care differ from Madagascar hissing roaches?

Secondly, I want to house them in horizontal plastic tubs with ventilation from the lid.

Are the nymphs small enough to escape from the rift between the tub and the lid? As far as I know, for those two species, both nymphs and adults can climb smooth surfaces pretty well (am I wrong?).

Also, I will use soil and leaf litter as substrate, with a few wood logs. They are going to be field-collected, so is washing with hot water and the one-day storage in the chiller enough to clean the dirt and kill any parasites or micro-organisms?

Last but not least, I wanted to keep few millipedes with the same requirements mixed with them (preferably Archispirostreptus gigas). Is it safe or not? Could they carry any diseases or parasites to the other species, eat the nymphs or use toxic liquid?

Thanks in advance!

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1.The two species of hissers (A. insignis and E. javanica) cannot create hybrids.

2.The care is the same for hissers (they just look different).

3.I am not sure if the nymphs would be able to escape. I would use some vaseline to keep them from climbing up there anyway (better safe than sorry). Both nymphs and adults can climb, although the nymphs do climb much better.

4.I don't ever do anything to the wood and leaf litter that I get from outside. Some small organisms from outdoors can help the roaches. To be extra safe you could just carry out your plan mentioned above, though.

5.I have minimal experience with millipedes, so I can't really help you with your last question.

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They can escape lids from plastic tubs. Use vaseline as said above.

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Thank you for your responses! I have more roach species that I may order, but the prices will tell.

Of course I won't mix the species, and from what I've read millipedes can die if interrupted while molting underground. Better be safe than sorry. Species tank ftw!

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