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Arenivaga floridensis

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Read a thread about this species and how to find them so I took a trip to Highlands County to try my luck. My first mistake was arriving at noon. I cannot begin to describe how bad the heat was. I started in a small patch of woods and on my first scoop of sand I found my first male A. floridensis. Two more minutes and found a nymph. I thought they were going to be easy to find but that was not the case.

Nothing else for the entire trip. It was extremely hot out there and I had to keep taking breaks every 5 minutes. Also I was using the wrong kind of sifter that had ¼” holes which were too large. I’m also not sure but perhaps the heat or my digging could have drove other roaches deeper into the sand. But at least I was able to confirm their existence in the area I was searching in. Lots of agricultural and residential development in the area may continue to cause a decline in numbers for this species.







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Highlands county is super nice have you tried looking around lake placid ;)....its been raining every afternoon down here on the coast hot and humid sucks...

Pitfall traps really work well in this case. And make them coon proof! bastards once ate my bait and the animals inside!

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I was actually not too far from lake placid. I've also been thinking about using pitfall traps. The only problem is the rain and I live two hours away so checking them would be a pain :(. I'm gonna try to look for these guys closer to Orlando. I've been looking at some good spots in Clermont.

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My wife lived in Clermont. It's strangely hilly, I would put some traps on the side of the iron mountain. But make them rain and flood proof. A screen bottom and fixed mini roof might be a easy fix. Predators and people are a whole different problem.

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Since I started this thread I've gone back a few more times and found a few more specimens. There seems to be 3 color forms for the adult females.

'White" color form adult female:


'normal' color form adult female:


Three color forms of adult females : 'white', 'normal' and 'intermediate' color forms:


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