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How to Contain Gyna

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I'd like to know some tips for this as well. They're too flight prone for me to open the container in the reptile room. I just take them to a small room like the bathroom where they have fewer places to hide. I don't see an easy way of keeping them from flying out of their enclosure.

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So here is what works for me. They would fly everywhere until I did this. I have a very deep substrate (4-5 inches). I have about .5 inch of dry coir (except for one end is moist). This is mainly where the little nymphs hang out. On this sits a mix of very dry hardwood leaves and very dry aspen shavings. This layer is about 4 inches thick. When I open the lid they are hanging out in this loose layer and do not really want to fly out. They have nice cover and do not feel threatened. Just my 2 cents and what works for me. Good luck roachies... :)

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