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Gromphadorhina portentosa

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Wow! I am surprised. Kyle knows what he is doing and probably has had experts look at his stock but I must say that I am surprised by the color morphs they are displaying. Thanks for sharing. :)

Oh ya. They seem to exhibit a really vibrant color compare to the possible hybrid portentosa stock I got last year. It's almost like looking at the brighter version of oblongonota so I like it :)

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Ya, they are pretty cool. They are a little bigger and their color is different. They hiss REALLY loud...and my mature males are CRAZY!! Why do you like them so much? :)

cause I LOVE their mahogany coloration plus the shininess they possess :)

Wow nice, why it is considered as pure? Is it a recently introduced bloodline from Madagascar?

Apparently, this strain has been in isolation under the care of a very reputable breeder for ages so it's likely to be pure.

Kyle DNA tests his roaches to get the most pure blood lines possible

Um...that's not true

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