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Hello, my name is "___" and I am a bugaholic!


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My parents did a pretty good job raising me, prepared me for all of the pitfalls in life and ... wait, what, bug addiction? Ok, Mom and Pop really dropped the ball on this one. Never once did I hear, "Don't do bugs" or "Just say no to bugs", no PSA's to prepare me for this, "These are bugs, this is your brain on bugs!

I am fairly new to the hobby, started with a Turkistan colony to feed my T's, lizard, and snakes. Yes snakes, I trade Turks for rats. I became increasingly interested in the roaches as the colony grew; I try to keep them around 5,000 strong to support my feeding and trading. I have recently added seven more species listed below. Thanks for the over count Kyle!

Been lurking for a while and decided to join the conversation. Glad you all are here, I am looking forward to keeping company with like-minded individuals!

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Welcome to Cockroaches Anonymous :-)

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Thanks for the warm welcome :)

LMAO! Yes! This is great! I am glad someone in Texas doesnt mind the pesky Blatta lateralis!

I would like to get ahold of some P. americana white eyes next. I think they"ll love the weather here too!

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Welcome, Tex. A decade or so ago there used to be an online seller named Golden Phoenix Exotica. Your intro reminds me of an animated gift/banner he used to run on the forums. His rotating banner/image was a series of three that read in order...

Mom Said No...

Dad Said When You're Older...

The Time is Now!

It was my favorite, and my second favorite was an animated banner by Roachman (Richie) where it showed a big hissing roach that made it onto his tongue in the last banner image.

(All you people with more than 4 lines in your signature area, please cut it down to 4. It prevents excessive scrolling on the forum. Drop a comma or two!)

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