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Educational Roach Display at Local Expo

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Hi, guys, I need your help! I've agreed to do an educational display for a local reptile expo coming up on May 16th. I'm looking for some exciting roaches to show off, and if I can get hold of enough, sell as pets. Could anyone recommend some exciting species they think would work well? I have dubia and orange heads right now, but I want to at least get some hissers. Halloween hissers? Question marks? Dominos? Deaths heads? Give me your ideas! :)

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Some suggestions I would make are:

Blaberus craniifer UCR

Blaberus giganteus

Blattella germanica OR Blattella asahinai

Gyna lurida yellow

Panchlora nivea

Eurycotis dicipiens

Eurycotis floridana

Gyna caffrorum

I wouldn't sell the Blattella germanica or asahinai unless it was to me ;).

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:) Thanks for the great ideas so far, guys. Here is what it looks like I'll be taking:


Red Runners

Orange heads

Madagascar Hissers

Dwarf Hissers


Deaths Heads

RomanBuck, you really made me laugh. ;) I know you love your roaches, but I think I'll be staying away from Blattella.

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