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Hello everyone!


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My name is Leigh!

I've been interested in cockroaches (among other animals) for a while now! I work at a natural history museum where they have hissing cockroaches, scorpions,tarantulas, snakes,bearded dragons and turtles.

I'm new to the hobby of cockroaches as pets. It somehow never occurred to me that I could have my own cockroaches, and I didn't have to say goodbye to the roaches at the museum every night . They let me pick out some roaches to take home.

I like watching them, observing them, and feeding them. Especially feeding them! It makes me happy to watch them crawl over to their food and munch away. My roaches are pets. :)

I honestly didn't know there were different species of hissing cockroaches (or so many cool species) until a few months ago.

I've currently got:

Hissing cockroaches (hopefully pure lines of Gromphadorhina portentosa ) (just two for now )

Therea olegrandjeani nymphs of varying sizes, one is the size of a quarter, and that makes me so happy. :) I got them from Peter Clausen. Thanks!

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Aeluropoda insignis, Archimantrita tesselata ,Elliptorhina javanica are some of my faves. I'm probably going to stick with only a few species. I want to make sure I can manage them and spoil them all, haha. I give my hissers names :D

What about you?

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