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Pictures of your colonies!

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Aye! I wanna see how you guys keep your colonies of roaches. I will (try to) start and post my favorite bin so far.post-3281-0-46914800-1436052313_thumb.jpg

This has:

Blaberus giganteus

Hemiblabera tenebricosa

Parcoblatta divisa

Little Kenyans

dwarf white isopods

and finally giant white springtails

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My E.capucina cage:


My H.tenebricosa cage:


My Parcoblatta americana cage:


My Polyphaga saussurei cage, which looks about the same as my P.aegyptiaca cage:


My P.septentrionalis cage:


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My R.formosana cage:


My T.olegrandjeani cage, which looks exactly like my T.petiveriana and T.regularis cages:


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Well polyphagids don't need hides because they spend most of their time underground, same for the horseshoe crab roaches.

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I just took a bunch of pictures, but I'm not sure you're if interested in seeing low quality images of nearly identical-looking enclosures, especially since lots of my colonies are still fairly small.

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I'm not sure if that means you don't want to see them, but here's my favorite ones anyway :D I apologize if they hurt to look at.

Eublaberus posticus


Oxyhaloa deusta


Parcoblatta virginica


Periplaneta fuliginosa


Arenivaga sp.


Obviously overcrowded Aeluropoda insignis


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Thanks! I guess they just like being kept really crowded, although I am starting to separate male and female nymphs. I started off with a pair and a bunch of babies from Doc a few months ago. Some of the babies are now medium-sized nymphs and the female has given birth to two batches of young.

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I have 2 adult females and one male in a pretty small container and they havent given me any babies... Maybe I will have to get more :)

My flat horns reproduce like mad. If you need more, I could hook you up.

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