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Corydidarum pygmaea survival rates?

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What is the survival rate for these guys? My mom is gonna buy me some of these for my birthday, so if we got a single sexed pair, what are the chances they will both survive to adulthood?

Thanks in advance! :)

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i don't breed them but I suppose that like for the others cockroaches, that is impossible to give a rate with certitude: The factors involved are too numerous. If you take 2 colonies of the same cockroch's nymph and the same number in 2 differents boxes, with the same parameters for both: you'll certainly not have the same number of cockroaches at the adult stade in the 2 boxes.

from a mathematical point of view. if you take one couple:

adult female - adult male

adult female - dead male

dead female - adult male

dead female - dead male

==> 1/4 = 25% of chance that the couple become adult.

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The hardest part is definitely having a mature male and female together. I thought I got lucky with mine, but the female molted again after the male died. Had to trade for just a male and then he died a couple weeks later. Hoping the female is gravid now! Really neat species to keep but can definitely be a challenge.

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Interesting, I had no idea the males grew up so fast! I'll probably take Orin's advice and get two adult females instead of trying to get a sexed pair, hopefully they will both be mated.

Thank you all for the advice guys, I really appreciate it! :D

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