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Oniscus asellus "Orange"


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A few of these have been popping up in my Oniscus colony, funny how lots of interesting color morphs have been showing up in colonies I've had for years!

They are a dull orange right now, but hopefully after some selective breeding and culling I can create a bright orange morph!

Here are some pictures:




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I've seen pics of orange Oniscus and I don't think a thousand years of culling would turn yours into those. :)

The orange forms do not normally have an intermediate.

Oh well, it still would be cool to isolate these "faded" orange individuals. :) Thanks for the info!

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Here are some more pics of my O.asellus "Orangish", (the last picture is the best example of what they look like in person):




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6 hours ago, Bufo Bill said:

Me likey likey!  Are you getting anywhere with stabilising the morph?

All the best from Bill. :D

Thanks! :) Not really, they are throwing out offspring that are lighter in color than normal O.asellus, but nothing that looks like their parents so far, or anything even more striking for that matter. 

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