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Matt K

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Hi Matt,

Is that last picture a mature male?

Nope. Maybe two more molts before its mature.

I should clarify this post in general (disclaimer): This assorment of pictures are samples of what you can find under the labels they currently represent. Some of them have taxonomy issues that maybe should be addressed at some point. In the meantime I may post a pic of a black Gromphadorhina portentosa, *for example*, because its a label that someone may have that they would sell it under even though its a normal G.portentosa. Similarly, I may differentiate between a Black and White Princisia and a Black and White G. grandidieri as they are strains sold under that label and not because of taxonomical accuracy.

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Those princisia are beatiful, really vivid colrs. Do you do take the pictures outside or use photofloods. They come out really nice.


Actually, my photo taking secret? Sunlight. I play with taking photos either in direct sunlight, in indirect sunlight, or on the shaded side of a large object where the other side is lit by indirect sunlight. Artificial lights tend to either wash out colors, darken or lighten the actual color, or otherwise misrepresent the perspective. I like to get the photo to look as close to what I actually see as possible, and natural well balanced sunlight does the trick. Now sometimes you have to throw a flash up, sideways, or reflect the flash off of something so that the bug does not look like the moon with one side too bright and the other too dark. But if sunlight is involved it will keep the color balance right even though the flash alters the light intensity one way or another.

I think. I could be wrong....

:) :) :):blink:

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