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New isopods


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today I got a new package with Isopods, Porcellio expansus and P. bolivari

I was really happy to finally get these two species. I've got almost 20 of each, so that should be a good start.

Now I hope they will breed well.

juvenile Porcellio expansus

2017-02-09 19.33.03.jpg



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I absolutely love the P. Bolivari, I really need to get in to isopods 

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Thanks guys!

I love them too, the bolivare are absolutely massive!

But apparently the P. expansus can get even bigger, at least old males. I was told that their uropods alone can reach about 1.5cm in lenght. Also, their colors will get more intense as they age. But I only got smaller ones for not.

Here is one of the P. bolivari males

2017-02-10 07.17.11.jpg

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