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I own 10 death head roaches and was wondering how much disturbance is to much ? Is it alright if i check in on them about twice a day or so carefuly or does it botter them ?

My other question was how do i pick up bigger roaches ? I'm still a bit scared of insects although i find roaches cute at the same time lol. The smaller ones walk on my hand fairly easily but the bigger ones just sit still and i can't really get a move on them and i'm afraid i might crush them if i grab to hard lol.

Thanks in advance !

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Roaches are pretty hardy. So as long as you don't squash or push them too hard they should be fine. One way to get them to move is if they are on your arm to angle your arm upward. The roaches usually try to climb upward.

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I think you can disturb them pretty often without problems. These insects are quite adaptable. They will get used to being handled, to movements, to light changes. 
The peppered roaches of my children for example are docile and tamed compared to my colony. They do fine none the less.

How to pick up? I either just take them in their sides or push my hand under them. In the latter case they do tend to climb upward (as Twilightroach pointed out, although the diggers tend to prefer going downwards). 

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