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Leaf list for Isopods


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Hey folks, I'm still having issues figuring out what things to feed these guys on as regular basis, particularly what types of leaves may be good. I've found one particular type of leaf they love, but it's a bit out of the way to collect. I know that there's dog food, fish flakes, and veggies that can be fed, but I'd like to know the types of tree leaves you've had success with?

The one leaf they eat right now is Mulberry by the way. I know oak is good, but we have none in my area. Would Sycamore be good? Jacaranda? Citrus? Pepper Tree? Pear?

Or if it's easier, just list plants to stay away from due to toxicity or otherwise?

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Alder is supposed to be ideal:

I haven't found a local source of alder yet, but my culture quickly shredded sycamore, which is all over there place here. Mine also eat mulberry and oak, and eventually even magnolia. A supplement of copper is supposed to be good for them, so I'm thinking about adding sesame seeds, which are supposed to be high in copper. 

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I know oak, elm, and hickory is here.  Can they be fed as is, pulled from the tree, found on the ground, or something else?

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