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Bugarium ideas

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So I picked up this nice 3 gallon "bugarium" from PetSmart today. I want to a roach species that produces small/tiny non climbing nymphs at least. So help think through some ideas. Paratemnopteryx coulianna is at the top of my list. I would expect the adults to hang out on the bark and fake plants and be fairly visible. Yes? No? I also like little Kenyans and Surinam but would the adults ever be visible? Any other suggestions? 

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Your Pycnoscelus will be killing others behind the scenes.(Eggs and nymphs) I only ever see mine when fresh food is offered to the cage, and only at night under red light.

The other non burrowers should be visible, again at night.

I like placing these on top of my smaller enclosures, they light up the area and the roaches don't care.


Can't wait to see the tank setup. I personally find watching roaches cross "bridges" and climbing things to be rather amusing for some odd reason. Possible decorating ideas.

Also @Hisserdude

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2 minutes ago, Matttoadman said:

I don't mix species. Cohabitation seems to result in one species doing well and the other fading away.


I thought this was going to be a mixed species display, my bad.

Why don't you set up and decorate the tank first, and post the completed pics here, then maybe others can give better imput once we see what your intending. You may also be inspired along the way. ;)

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Funny how the sticker that says "Bugarium" shows two beetle species that are highly illegal to keep here in the US...

The little goblins would be a good choice, Panchlora would probably like this setup as well, and fit your description nicely. :)

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