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Hello! Ive had my four male gromphadorhina portentosa roaches for several months and I feel pretty confident in their care. Since I feel a lot more relaxed about my first roach children I was looking into getting another species for my birthday in the summer. Right now I have my eye on either Gyna centurio, Archimandrita tesselata, or Elliptorhina javanica. I want two of whatever I decide (not necessarily a breeding pair but just two to have housed seperately). Does anyone have any idea on which I should get? I figured Id pick what kind first and then find somewhere with a reasonable price (suggestions for those are welcome too LOL) 

Id also like to thank the community for being here :) I know Im not very active but it's nice to know theres people willing to help if I would ever need any.

(P.S. Gyna centurio can fly right? Yeah....is there any way to deal with that? Im not scared at all or anything like that but I woulsnt want to hurt the roach(es))

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well, I can only talk about Archimandrita tesselata, as those are the ones I have from your list. Archimandrita tesselata is great roach. They cannot climb and flying is rather: fluttering while dropping down. So no escape from a bin without a lid. 
The nymphs stay burrowed most of the time, but the adults stay on top of the substrate. In the evening, there is often quite some activity as the males court the females and try to subdue the other males. The male which manages to hold the highest ground in the bin is 'king of the hill'. 

But then again, each species has it's own merits. I can hardly decide which roach is my favorite.... Perhaps you'll end up with three more species :)

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Tesselata is my favorite of ALL pet roaches, they are cool , charming , and alot of fun. For some reason, they've always kept their $ value so you can always breed them and sell some to help support your roach addiction. 

Javanica are def. one of the prettiest of hissers, stay small and produce alot of nymphs! 

Gyna species in general for me have always been touchy and alittle iffy, maybe it's just not my luck with these. They are pretty though! 

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Good luck to you!! My female and male mated last night, and now Layla is nymph bound. Marcus is being a typical dad. LAZY. I’m letting them crawl on me while I type. Layla is gonna be a great mom :) I would post a pic of Marcus on my head.... but I am not revealing my face, thank you.

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