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New here!


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So I am mainly into chameleon keeping which I got into a few years ago. I have Panthers and a yellow lip parson's. When I started with Panthers, I knew getting some feeder roaches would be ideal though I was a little intimidated by them, especially the orangeheads. Over time that passed and I started to appreciate them more. Then I got my parson's(which get very large and can be finicky eaters) I was aware of their need for an extensive variety of food. So I got more and more roaches and other insects that I liked, but could also feed off and that finally lead me here. Anyway, thanks for having me, I look forward to being apart of the community!


Answered some questions from the sticky


1. Do you currently raise any roaches?


2. If so, how many?

14 species

Giant peppered 

Giant cave 






Yellow porcelain


Green banana

Giant green banana


Halloween hissers

Regular hissers(though, looks like there could be a mix of species, I got them for free from a friend and their population has exploded)

3. Do you culture roaches as pets or feeders?

They are all used as feeders or will be when they reproduce enough, but I enjoy them as pets that I invest time and proper care into.

4. If feeders, what kinds?

Any of them that have a good sized population

5. Are there any specific roach questions that you would like to ask the community?

I'm sure I will at some point

6. How did you find our community?


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9 hours ago, Allpet Roaches said:

Welcome! I still have not picked up any of those Gyna centurio, how is your culture doing?

Thank you! I actually just got a few small nymphs from ordering some other stuff from a friend. Only had them a couple weeks now. They're in a pretty large bin so it'd be hard to find them, but I see the food being nibbled on. Hoping there are males and females so I can get a colony going one day.


Also, I thought of a random question. I put the cleaner(darkling) beetle mixes in all of my roach cultures. Along with isopods and springtails. Would the beetles be any threat to roach nymphs? 

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welcome... I've not had a problem with a few darkling larvae with the dubia,  I've not thought of isopods.  Isopods may be a good idea with the centurions that don't always finish the food?  And the banana roaches?  Those are the two that never seem to finish.  Is that the idea?

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