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so i have fibromyalgia. my current girlfriend is very into paganism and things like that, she wants to burn sage in my house to make herself feel more connected to me. i dont really understand but thats a different topic. anyway, i have cats and dogs which im not too worried about but since im bedridden most days she wants to do it in the master bedroom too. my hissers and dubias are in my room and i was just wondering if it would kill them. 

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I don't understand that either:) but hey take it as a compliment that she wants to be closer to you.  As to the sage and roaches I'm not sure at all.  I use an electric air freshener in my room where I keep my roaches and they don't seem to have seen any I'll effects.  

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My mom is also into that stuff, so long as she doesn't sage the enclosures themselves and you keep them under the bed or something while she does it, they should be fine. My mom saged our room plenty of times, my bugs were in the closest with the door wide open, didn't ever affect them at all. 

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