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Cape Mountain Roach


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I just saw some pictures of the very stunning Aptera fusca. (Cape Mountain cockroach) and I was wondering if anyone on here has ever kept them before? Sadly right now I cant expand my collection even if I wanted to (I do, I really do) but I was just wondering if there was any more info on them? Ive already done your basic Google searches.

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A.fusca is supposed to be a protected species in its native range and so unfortunately it doesn't look like it'll be in the hobby for a long while. :( 

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5 minutes ago, emmett said:

Interesting! I didn't see anything about that!

Yeah, I only learned through a discussion is a roach group on Facebook. Apparently it is a "natural heritage" species in Africa and only found within a national park, so there are many walls around it from entering captive culture. lol Even so, I believe a few people overseas were trying to culture it a year or so back, but I don't think they ever got far.

If they ever were to become established in culture, they'd surely contend for prettiest roach in the worldwide hobby, I can tell you that much.

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I know this thread is kind of old, but are there any updates about this species?? I’d love to be able to care for them one day and I’m trying to gather information so I can determine if I should give up my hopes of ever owning them or not 😂 If they’re still strictly protected and difficult to keep in captivity, I might as well forget it now, but what else have we learned about the species in 3 years? 

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