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Simandoa Conserfariam - please help me

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So I know this roach is extinct in the wild and was found in a single cave system in west Africa, that they grow to up to nearly two inches, that they are livebearers like hissers, but what else is out there about them?


I had my first reach adulthood today and I'm thrilled.  He is lovely.  


One thing I haven't seen anything about is their longevity.  They take about 8 months to reach adulthood?  But then do they die quickly afterwards like some species such as Dominos.  


I have Orin's roach book and have read the Simandoa section but I'm curious what other info even anecdotes you might have.



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These are some of my favorites as well. I've only had my colony about a year and have dealt with some trial and error, so I'm definitely no expert. The adults do live much longer than Therea sp. I've had my adults close to a year now - or rather my initial nymphs became adults about a year ago. Since then they've produced 2 new generations. In my experience, they are incredibly sensitive to crowding, which has been my main issue. Their first batch of nymphs didn't fare well due to space issues. They also seem to eat quite a bit more than I had expected. Their appetites rival my hissers. 

As far as anecdotes, I will say they bite! I don't hold mine anymore as once they're done squeaking they start nipping, and man does it hurt. They're the only species I have that's bitten me. They are gorgeous, though, and so special because of their history so I don't mind too much. 

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Omg they bite you ? Wow. They're hella fast so I can't imagine holding them.  They're squirrelly and run all over.  I think they are the only species I have that I can't hold for fear of dropping and losing them..


I'm happy to hear they have some longevity.  


You said they are sensitive to overcrowding...how crowded were they? How did you know that they were adversely affected by this?


Is gestation the typical 2 to 3 months?


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Yeah. I've never been bit by a roach before. It was surprisingly painful. They are really challenging to hold onto. It's worth it once though just to hear them squeak. It's the only time mine make noise. 

The overcrowding wasn't too bad. I just had a few too many males in a small enclosure as there was some minor wing biting. Also, they don't (yet) group up the same way other roaches do. It's as if each one needs it own space. But my colony is still small, so that might change. From what I've read, this species takes quite awhile to "get going" and develop a full colony. 

I think the gestation is longer. I would guess 4-5 months. As mentioned, I've had my adults for about a year and have only had 2 generations, yet the females are gravid constantly. 

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