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Howdy yall!


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I figured it was about time I make friends with other roach-admiring folk 🙂

I have roaches as feeders and pets. My currently kept species are G. portensa mutts, E. javanica, B. dubia, P. septentrionalis, P. nigra, P. sp Thailand, P. surinamensis, and some wild collected nymphs that are S. lateralis, Periplaneta americana, or a mixture of both! 

I am looking forward to adding more species to my collection this year!

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Haha well you learn as long as you live, I guess. From my experience they breed very slowly, but if you look up the species that should not be the case. Hope you colony bounces back up.

And yeah well the practicalities of caring for the Roches are attained even if you do not keep them as pets. But you wrote you have a lot of different species. Where they all feeder roches?

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On 2/24/2019 at 5:03 PM, Allpet Roaches said:

I suggest E. chopardi, they usually reproduce much quicker than javanica

Thank you for the suggestion! javanica are my most "pet" species... I adore them. But it would be nice to have more hissers, and ones that reproduce quicker!

On 2/25/2019 at 12:12 AM, Danish Roach said:

Why have so many diffrent feeder roches?? Are they different in their nutritional value??

I don't know about their nutritional value, but I have multiple species for several reasons... the first one being that I have a lot of tarantulas ranging in size from less than .25" to 8". Different roach species offer different sizes in nymph and adult stages. I also try to not pull too many roaches at a time from a single colony because I tend to overtax them (which is what happened to my Surinams... I had 3 egg sacs at once and fed off too many nymphs I think). 

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Ahh, when I think of Roches as feeder animals, I only imagined it as being food for reptiles. But ofc other invertebrates would love a roach snack. I have always wanted a tarantula, but the wife is not too happy about it (and perhaps I am a bit scared of them as well, so I haven’t pushed for it). I also assumed they are inactive which is why I like Roches, a lot more movement all the time. No mater if there is food or not.

Does your Surinams lay eggs? I thought the species was ovoviviparous (Ootheca hatch within the female roach). You sure it is Pycnoscelus surinamensis

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