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It's interesting that even after sites have been removed and messages have been deleted there are web archives that catch a lot of the information and store it (forever?). One problem with the old Allpet Roaches message board was that messages were deleted after 500 (years ago after 300) and wouldn't be accessible through web searches. I asked a friend to check out the web archives and found many hundreds or thousands of the old posts had been archived back to 2002. The archived roach page from 1999 shows the message board link and each of the archived pages display many of the posts as part of the page archive. The archived posts from the pages show up as text while the archived messages on the boards show up as links and a few of those are blocked. It's interesting that anywhere from 40-70% of the original posts since 99' are accessible online but it does take a bit of effort to find them. While this post isn't completely off-topic or "other" it does show how wonderful (or scary) the net is for saving things that you thought were gone.

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I rememberd why the oldest posts show up as part of the archived pages and in text. The original roach board (99-01) was a guestbook rewritten to function as a message board. The guestbook remotes were disabled by geocities (I think I used a guestbook off goecities and linked it from the angelfire page) and I had to find a new way to host the board wich was changed over to the boardhost roach forum with the annoying popups and ad maximums. That would make this the third Allpet Roaches board.

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Hello everybody,

I just wanted to mention that we are transferring all the posts from the old forum, here to the new forum for posterity's sake. It's in a category called Old Posts off the front page. It's a very time consuming process and may take months. Many of the old posts have been lost in cyberspace, but we're doing our best to remain true to the original content. You are able to read the author's name, date, subject and content of all previous entries that we can find.

Here is a link to the most recent years of the older forum (please don't post on the old forum. each message is manually moderated and posted.)


For a little fun, you might check out moments in time of some of your favorites websites over the years, at the following link (search waybackmachine):



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Only 200 of the first 841 posts were recoverable. Hopefully, as we get closer to the present date a much higher percentage will still exist. The last year and a half of posts should be completely intact. The 200 doesn't include 34 posts off the first board of a 'possible' 60-100.

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Can't wait to look thru that!

There should be some memorable posts we can use as referance today.

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