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Hi from Germany


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I'm Michael from Germany.

Started with feeders - Blaptica - more than 25 years ago.

After allergic reactions I had to stop breeding them and explored the huge world of roaches. Kept feeders like Eublaberus, Nauphoeta, Symploce, Panchlora and many others then. Due to herpetological research in the mediterranean I found Loboptera my favourite genus.

I kept two or three species but had to stop this due to my work and family. A few months ago I restarted with Phoetalia pallida, again as feeder for my lizards (Lacertids).

This year I plan holidays on the Balearics again and hope to find some Loboptera.

My second obsession is old herpetological literature and due to my interest in roaches a few  roachtitles also found their new home in my lib. For instance Brunner van Wattenwyl Nouv. Syst. Blattaires or Walker Catalogue of the  Blattariae in the BM.

best regards


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Hello, welcome the forum, hope you enjoy it here! :) Loboptera are very cute little things, that's for sure! 

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