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Hisser Giving Birth


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Hello - I have hissers in my classroom. Usually we never get to see them actually give birth. I go home at night or on the weekend and when I come back I have babies. I have one female who has been trying to give birth now for over 24 hours. She will stop and try to push for a while and then rest and do nothing for a while. Is this amount of time normal? Should I be worried something is wrong with her? Thanks! 


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That isn't normal, she may actually be impacted or something... Unfortunately there isn't actually much that can be done in this situation, just have to let nature take it's course, hopefully she'll get through it OK. 

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Hi everybody hope you are all keeping safe and well, my problem is I really need some advice with regards to my Madagascar hisser female I really don’t know what she’s up to and she’s worrying the life out of me well she’s pushing what I’d call quite a long whiteish tube from the end of her abdomen I’m not sure if this is an egg sac and after a while she pulls it back inside her and this isn’t the first time she’s done this is there something I’m doing wrong or is there something I should be doing.                                           
please help 

warmest regards from.                              

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2 minutes ago, RosenKrieger said:

That is normal. They push the eggcase out partially to air it and rotate it before drawing it back into a different chamber to incubate.

Hi Rosenkrieger

thank you very much for letting me know phew that’s really good to know that all is good with her thank you for putting my mind a rest I’ll make a note of what you have told me for future reference                                                
please stay safe and well 

warmest regards from


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