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Porcellio pruinosus ‘Powder Blue’ with orange uropods


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So, I’m in SoCal and recently found some P. pruinosus ‘powder blues’ with orange uropods. Is it a different species or a different morph? So far I have managed to get close to 40 babies out of the adults and the babies also have the orange tails! I then found a normal powder blue that was gravid and now she is producing for me. They are a different size, shape, and are eating machines! 

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8 minutes ago, MrGhostMantis said:

Nice! I was hoping thats what it is! As soon as I have a colony going I have something to sell lol. I’m just gonna call it Powder Blue m. Orange tail. I wonder if anyone else has these...

Just remembered that P.floria also should occur over there as well, but whatever you have, the orange uropods are still unusual. :) Good luck on isolating the genetics!

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2 minutes ago, MrGhostMantis said:

That’s probably the other ‘Powder Blue’ and why it is different shaped and colored! Thanks again @All About Arthropods!

I'm unsure what exact external features differentiate the two, but could be! Sure thing. 👍

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