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What are your other pets besides roaches?


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I have... 2 bearded dragons, 2 black lined plated lizards, 2 multi-lined plateds, 3 leopard frogs, 1 curly tail lizard, 1 Ornate Box turtle, 8 baby eastern garter snakes, 5 african clawed frogs, 2 society finches, and a loveable lellow lab. XD

And Oscar the oscar. :P

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Well I have several, here's the list.


1 Male Bearded Dragon

1 Male Solomon Island Ground Boa

1 Male Black Mexican Kingsnake

1 Female Pueblan Milksnake

1 Female Timber Rattlesnake

1 Female Southern Copperhead

2 Ball Pythons (breeding pair male is 100% het. piebald)

2 Redtail Boa Constrictors (breeding pair, male is double het. albino and anerythristic)

2 Stimson's Pythons (breeding pair)


2 Pacman frogs (1 albino 1 red)


1 Poecilotheria metallica (Gooty Ornamental)

1 Grammostola aureostriata (Chaco Goldenknee)

1 Aphonopelma anax (Texas Tan)

1 Grammostola pulchra (Brazilian Black)

1 Acanthoscuria geniculata (Giant Whiteknee)

7 Avicularia avicularia (Common Pinktoe)

I recently downsized my tarantula collection, 3 weeks ago I had over 60 of them


1 Babycurus jacksoni

1 Smeringurus mesaensis (Dune Scorpion)

1 Parabuthus leiosoma (Black Tipped Fat Tail)

1 Leiurus quinquestriatus (Deathstalker)

3 Pandinus imperator (Emperor Scorpion)

True Spiders

5 Latrodectus bishopi (Red Widow) females

1 Latrodectus geometricus (Brown Widow) female

1 Latrodectus menavodi (Madagascan Black widow) female

2 Latrodectus mactans (Southern Black Widow)


1 Medicinal Leech (Hirudo medicinalis)

There was more a while back, but I downsized a bit, in the process of remodeling to make more space so I can get more goodies.


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All together my family has: 45 American Saddlebred horses, 11 dogs(some are my two sisters but they come over during the day), 3 cats(Tom, Jerry, Wally), 3 bettas, 2 goldfish, 2 Sheep, 1 parakeet.

Oh gee is that all? I could drown you with pictures, but I won't.

These are the two horses that I own. Pixie Dust and her new baby. I will probably name him "He Can Fly".


My two dogs, Ari(Sheltie) and Basil(lab mix).


My Sheepies. They are really my sister's but I am the one taking care of them, and my sister hates them after having to chase them, so they will just be my sheepies.


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Besides my roaches....

A pair of cinchilla

a family of 6 degu

1 Adult Male iguana (5')

1 adult axolotl

1 adult male Lithoria caerulea

3 Chalcides ocellatus

7 species of millipede

4 Alipes grandidieri baby (tanzanian feather legged centipede)

3 whip spiders

2 whip scorpions

about 25-30 stick insect species

and my son has a couple of Lamprophis fuliginosus (Brown House Snake)

I forgot my dog and a pregnant cat :rolleyes:

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Something other than roaches ??? What else is there? :lol:

I recently sold off a large collection of venomous snakes :( , but still have 3 cats, several tarantulas, "superworm" beetles, a large female Elaphe radiata, an Indian star tortoise, an adult pair of Hydrodynastes gigas, a few Antaresia stimponsii (free to a good home!), and some millipedes of various sorts.

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Here is just a list of some of my pets:

























and many more.....

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I have a Double Yellowheaded Amazon parrot, Panamamaru, that I got when he still had his pinfeathers in, 13 years ago. Hand-raised him myself with formula and regular 4 hour feedings and all! He's a great bird, but when I was living by myself in Minneapolis, he never really got exposed to as many people as he should have been, so he's not properly socialized, and if I'm in the room with anybody else and they get near him, he'll puff up and look at them menacingly, and sometimes squawk at them (and if they get close enough, lunge! yikes!). He's OK with strangers if they're the only ones in the room (especially if they give him treats). That's because I think he's "bonded" to me, instead of being properly socialized, so he gets jealous easy! His nickname's Panamamaru....mainly because he looked like a Panama Amazon when his first feathers came out on his head when he was a baby. Don't have a camera or scanner with me here, yet, so unfortunately can't send any pics.

Also just got a baby Woodhouse Toad a couple months ago now (I think that's about right), about the size of a dime, but now he's almost adult size already, I'd say he (actually, come to think of it, I think it might be a she) about the size of a golfball. That's Toady (yeah I know, real imaginitive right? ) I had caught a big momma toad prior to Toady - biggest Woodhouse Toad I've ever seen maybe about 3-4 inches from snout to vent, but she was always trying to get out through the glass of the terrarium, so I went ahead and gave her a big meal of pet store crickets and then let her go...I felt too bad to keep her locked up after she'd been out in the wild for I-don't-know-how-many years.

I also have 10 Gryllus veletus (Spring Field Crickets,6 females and 4 males) that I caught outside (from three different places in the city) a couple months ago now, and have been keeping nice and toasty warm with a steady supply of food and water. I'm attempting to see if I can culture them, so I guess for right now they are pets! Since this species overwinters as mid-size nymphs, their eggs don't have to go through diapause to hatch. I figure if the culture gets started, great, I'll have a steady supply of healthy food that I can control the nutritional content of, for Toady. Hopefully after they mature and lay eggs, I'll see some babies walking around! These crickets are actually pretty funny, for one thing, they're way more aggressive and territorial than the A. domesticus crickets. They're super greedy too! Just a few minutes ago, I put in some chunked up monkey chow (usually I powder it), and this one cricket grabbed the biggest piece he could find and dragged it about 5 inches away and an inch or two up off the ground to his tier of the cricket motel I built for them out of cardboard. I wouldn't even have noticed it, had it not been making such a ruckus scrabbling up the cardboard with a big piece of food, which was way more than it could consume in one sitting, since it was maybe a just a little smaller than the cricket itself. Another cricket on the same tier went over to check out the food that the first one had brought back, and the first one chased it away (about 3 inches away) off the tier completely and then went back to eating, but just for a split second, then took a look at a third cricket that was on the same tier and promptly chased it away too. (I swear I could almost hear it yelling "get your own!" as it did this.) Who knew? ;)

Don't have any roaches yet, but the research on crickets led me to roaches, and now I'm excited about getting some B. craniifer to start out a pet colony. I figure if they ever get overpopulated, and they're not too fast for Toady to catch, I can always feed the excess off to him. Probably going to try and get some either at the end of next week or the week after that (after I get a hab set up for them). Since it's going to be a display setup, I just can't decide if I want to make it naturalistic, futuristic, artistic, urban, or boring and cheap (at least just to start out).

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LOL Matt...you call superworm beetles pets? I've been trying to breed them...but haven't been trying hard enough. My main problem is almost all my beetles(3 of 4) climbed out of their container and are no doubt wandering around somewhere. Well, actually, #4 crawl out after being put back in but he fell into a plastic container below so I've still got him...hehe

I keep currently(gradually downsizing for the eventual jump to college)

2 species of newts

2 species of fish(cut back on most of these already)

5 or so sp. of tarantula

one tailess whip

one vinegaroon

1 ant colony

3 orange huntsman

And am planning on some frogs for a paludarium.

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