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How long do Hissing Cockroaches stay gravid after mating? And Dying Roach Issue.

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I just realized I only purchased my Halloween Hisser in March this year. I thought I had her much longer for some reason. Anyways, I'm just wondering how long they stay gravid, I heard 2 months. She's had 3 litters withen the 5 months I've had her. 2 months ago(2 litters withen that) and just 1 last month. She's dying now. She can longer move around. Her legs will move, and her anttenae(I don't know how its spelled) twitch and thats pretty much it. She also literally shriveled up. I mean, she looks like a nymph. She's been this way for a few days now. Today she has a "egg case" loaded from her rear. The babies have not "hatched" or "split" yet. Miscarriage?

I'm just trying to solve a mystery thats bugging me.

Thanks for any help!

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1 hour ago, Gromphadorhini said:

It is difficult to say the timing of pregnancy in cockroaches, they are very vague.

Dying of old age, apparently.

If the ootheca is discharged, it is a miscarriage.

Ok, thank you. All she's doing is twitching her antennae. I've got her in a separte container, letting nature take it's corse. Poor girl. She has blessed us with offsprin.. maybe cursed. Ugh! So many roaches! lol I love them though.

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