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Starting with Blatticompostng

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So I'd like to set up a roach bin for blatticompostng. I culture some earthworm species but they don't consume very much and I've heard roaches can be pretty quick and handle larger volumes of food.

 Who has experience with this? Any tips or tricks?

If so, what species have you used and how do you keep them?  




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I've used Eublaberus sp. "Ivory" and E. serranus. All you really need is a healthy starting number, an appropriate sized enclosure, and warmth. Once the colony gets big enough food disappears really quickly.

I will say though I've had a lot of problems with too much moisture getting trapped in the enclosure because of all the water in fruits and veggies, so I would recommend good ventilation to prevent you ending up with a swamp in a bin.



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