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Giant roach from giant fig tree, Archimandrita sp.?

Matt K

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Does anyone have any shots comparing tesselata to B. giganteus? do captive tesselata reach this size?

My A.teselata reach 3 inches to 3 and a quarter, with this one being 3 1/8 inches. The B.giganteus (this one not my best looking but was available) are 3 and a quarter to 3 and 3/4 inches long.



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Beautiful comparison. So you found the peppered in Costa Rica?

Yes. I have had them for a while in culture at home, as do several of us on this forum. But when I saw them in CR at night it was still quite a sight! Adults travelled in pairs. Occasionally I would find a lone male, and wondered if sometimes males were loners or if I just flat did not see the female about. When they are still they blend in very well and are only easily seen when they are climbing about. They were found on larger trees at lower altitudes, usually if that tree had a hole, crevice, or was hollow. Interesting fact: In hollow trees I found Peppered roaches and/or nymphs. There was usually a bat or two. The only debris from the bats though were bug bits *other than* Peppered roaches. As if the roaches are either too large, too tough, or taste/smell bad. Bats were found to eat Pycnoscelus surinamensis, though, and some bits that may have been from Periplanetta australasiae (both P.surinamensis and P. australasiae were found to exist in certain wild areas where it was less wet)(for that matter, so were well fed tailess whip scorpions!).


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