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  1. Beautiful Blaberid from Panama. Males have glossy black wings while females lack wings.
  2. It looks gorgeous!
  3. Thanks Probably one of the prettiest native species we have here!
  4. Here's a beautiful species from central FL. Their babies hatched yesterday!
  5. Ooh....this might be a true B. parabolicus! I'd love to see these become available in the US
  6. Sure
  7. Yep. They bred for me and now I have tiny pedelings
  8. I won't be offering adults, but I'll likely offer some larvae up for trade if I can get them to breed for another generation
  9. Found this adult roaming on the surface in its enclosure today!
  10. Forgot to mention that I also gave fruits occasionally.
  11. I keep the substrate slightly moist but with ventilation so they get all the moisture from surroundings leaves are optional but I eventually quit giving leaves to them
  12. Raise them strictly on dog food at 85F
  13. Yep Makes them quite attractive doesn't it?
  14. The one without red coloration is probably another species, Microtomus luctuosus. They look nearly identical to purcis but lack the red coloration on their femur. Interestingly they seem to be able to hybridize together cause a friend of mine found several specimens in his area that looked like a mix between purcis and luctuosus, and he finds both species in that area. I keep my adults communally with a piece of egg flat. They aren't entirely communal but adults get along fine with each other as long as they are well fed
  15. 3rd generation produced some oddities; two melanistic males! Here's a pic of one For some reason its offsprings took around 6+ months to hatch.