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We just got our giant cave roaches and the wife is ecstatic lol


With a steel rule.


Look at this dirty little kids foot getting the roach all dirty :lol::mellow:


Hope you all enjoy the pics, we also got some cuban burrowing and what looks like a B.fusca hybrid.

Who knew roaches would be so addictive

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I've got a very odd looking B. Giganteus -


notice the pronotrum marking- it covers almost the entire head instead of just the center.

I'd imagine it would be a hybrid but these are all from the same pure stock i've had for some years, and its just as large (if not larger) than the rest of the colony.

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Thats really cool! I hope one of my giganteus nymphs becomes an odd looking roach, if it had a face like the deaths head roach that would be the best! All nymphs can look alike but when they become adults the designs/patterns they have really are a surprise you never know what you'll get!

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In the wild they eat dead baby bats that fall to the cave floor, so yeah they eat meat as part of their diet. They also eat fruit,veggies, and pet kibble.

And enough protein prevents them from eating each others wings.

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How big is that setup you have there? and how many do you have in there?

30 gallon and approximately ten females, a few males and assorted nymphs. :D

These guys are great to watch.

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Indeed, watching them run around the talk and interact is great, or watching them constantly fighting.

I have yet to see them fight? Maybe I just haven't been around to see it yet. <_<

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