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Hi from Germany


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i am roaches and insect breeder from Germany.

I startet with this hobby since more then 20 years now.

At time i have in culture roaches, and around 50 other insects (inverts)

kinds. I am always open to get new kinds. I prefer swap, but to buy is

also OK for me. Shipment all around the world, for me no problem :)

Best regards



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Hi all,

and first, thanks for the kindly welcome !

How you could read, i have this hobby more the 20 years now and that means,

NO, i am shure that i am one of the oldest here ;)

Orin, its difficult for me to say this is common or uncommon.

For a lot of people, i think at the states, some kinds are good to obtain and

on the other way for us european hard to get.

For me, roaches like Archiblatta are hard to get, but in all my years i could find friends

all around the world. And now also in Malaysia where i directly will get Archiblattas!!!

I hope you can understand what i want to tell.

Sorry for my bad englisch, but thats only from scool, and thats so much time agoe :(

By the way: Hello Peter, its me, Thomas from Germany :P

In the next time i will try to poste pictures from roaches and other insect kinds i have in culture.

I am always open to give my experience in breeding to all who are interested and wants to know.

If i can help, i will do!

Best regards from Germany,


Best regards

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